Living (included by virtue of request or significant public profile

Includes only living. If you are happy for your details to go on-line as part of the One-Name study e-mail me with that clearly expressed. Also indicate what you wish me to redact on-line as 'private'. This can, of course, be changed at any time but do note that some websites, for example 'wayback machine' often preserve and archive old websites for future reference.

Public profile figures included have chosen to allow or even promote themselves on-line or in some other way. In these cases their consent has not been given to be on this site. However, consent for publication has been inferred for the information on this site as it reflects only what is publically available. If you are one of these public profile figures and you want your information removed from this site e-mail me using the link at the bottom of the page and you will be removed no-questions-asked. Better... if you wish to e-mail me exclusive material for the site so that you can be even more of an inspiration to other Dowlings in the world that exciting prospect would be much appreciated! (note that my Guild of One-Name Studies membership requires that the study and site are not used for marketing for profit purposes.

Buell Sarah
Doolan Richard (1974 - )
Doolin ( - DECEASED)
Dooling Veronica
Dowling A C
Dowling Alexandra (22 May 1990 - )
Dowling Ann Patricia (15 Jul 1952 - )
Dowling Brian Patrick Robert (13 Jun 1978 - )
Dowling Brian Thomas (13 Aug 1955 - )
Dowling E J
Dowling H
Dowling K
Dowling Seamus
Lepetit Ethan
Zztest Birth-NoDeath-Excuded (1950 - )