What's New

Things move at Clonreher very slowly, so please don't expect frequent change.  This 'What's New' page will have items on changes to the Clonreher physical site that I come across and changes to this website.

25 July 2022: Pretty much finished with main structure for new walk through and most tested works well.  I have some more navigation links to add in future and some photos to identify properly.

12 July 2022: Busy with trying a new idea with the navigation to take into account some aerial photos and a new understanding of the orientation on the inside.

11 July 2022: The amount of material relating to Clonreher Castle looked to grow with the receipt of some great photographs.  I therefore, separated it from the Dowling One-Name Study website into its own 'sub-site' to give it more of an identity to do with the building rather than the name (although for me that is still important).  A little basic at the moment with a few errors but it will be refined over the coming weeks.  Today's target was really just to transfer from the main site to the sub-site but I also spent some time reviewing the images I now have orientate myself.