2024 June

30 June 2024:- Total 49,738 including living. Sunday Single Back Up. Busy out and about visiting.  Added a few more Baptism scans.  New correspondence in for California.  Website still down.

29 June 2024:- Total 49,738 including living. Busy with other things so just added more Baptism scans to Rathdowney Dowlings.

28 June 2024:- Total 49,738 including living. Busy with other things so just added some Baptism scans to Rathdowney Dowlings.

27 June 2024:- Total 49,738 including living. Some double checking in Rathdowney and adding some other Dowlings in the area on the way.  Some time webpage coding, although the website is still not up.  Sweltering heat in the UK at the moment... can't garden at all.

26 June 2024:- Total 49,729 including living. A nice document from a correspondent who had been meaning to make contact but finding the website had gone was given the push.  Added a lot of framework entries for non-Dowlings and managed a merge and a join but quite pleased the branch from Tipperary was already mostly in the system!

25 June 2024:- Total 49,670 including living. Mostly configuring a report for a Dowling branch correspondent in the USA.  It can take a while as formatting for the database is a little different to the format of a report that will be printed.

24 June 2024:- Total 49,670 including living. Mostly sources for existing people on the Clare to Wicklow trail.  Mortimer Dowling, police constable in Wicklow, came from Laois being born about 1838/9.  But can I find his birth/baptism? A big no.  I have tried variations and looked through scans to no avail. Oh well, assuming he is in records, one day he'll turn up.

23 June 2024:- Total 49,663 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up.  Busy day, a few Clare to Wicklow sources added.  Answering e-mails. Website still down.

22 June 2024:- Total 49,657 including living.  Added some Dowlings in Clare picked up along the way in the hunt below for another family.

21 June 2024:- Total 49,628 including living.  Sent report to correspondent on Clare Dowlings and query to Guild re website.

20 June 2024:- Total 49,628 including living.  A nice join of a police officer, John Patrick Dowling, shot during the Arab Revolt in 1939 in Palestine... sadly not much seems to have changed there since.  Added some sources and pictures.

19 June 2024:- Total 49,628 including living.  A significant merge on the Clare front today that took a lot of searching and not finding.  But putting all my information together finally pays-off as the logic for merging two Jeremiahs took shape.  Busy garden day too... plus a barbeque!

18 June 2024:- Total 49,626 including living.  Added some Dowlings from Limerick and am getting closer to the overall picture, probably report back to correspondent tomorrow.  Busy gardening too.

17 June 2024:- Total 49,616 including living.  Out and about today but squeezed in some census Dowlings and also some looking and not finding from parish baptism microfilm in County Clare.

16 June 2024:- Total 49,602 including living. Sunday Single Back Up.  Busy day but did some more investigating, merged some placeholders and am getting closer to the Clare/Limerick family.

15 June 2024:- Total 49,599 including living. Struggling a bit with a Jeremiah Dowling in Clare/Limerick... just when I thought he must be one and the same with another Jeremiah I find him baptising one of his children with another Jeremiah as sponsor... so there mast be, at least, two Jeremiahs in the district at the same time.  I do like the puzzles.

14 June 2024:- Total 49,591 including living. Kilrush district, Clare, births, deaths and marriages all complete.  A lot of Clare sources, including census (with Clare and Limerick spreadsheets created to make sure I catch them all) and some Find-a-Grave entries too.  Busy.

13 June 2024:- Total 49,586 including living. A lot of births, marriages and deaths for Kilrush... nearly complete.  A significant Kilrush merge today for Joshua Dowling.

12 June 2024:- Total 49,568 including living. All births, marriages and deaths for Kilrush Dowlings added up to 1899.  Went out on trip to Ware, Hertfordshire today great walk along a canalised river Lee, helped open a lock gate for a canal boat and saw lots of bitterns, little egrets and terns.

11 June 2024:- Total 49,554 including living. Added a lot of Kilrush, Clare records today.  Compared to the 'busy' counties there are a small number in this district so I may pursue it to completion. 

10 June 2024:- Total 49,527 including living.  Following new correspondence made number of additions to existing people in County Clare and Yorkshire.

9 June 2024:- Total 49,505 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up.  More Somerset UK and Michigan Dowlings added... busy day trying to make sure connections are as accurate as possible. Website still down.

8 June 2024:- Total 49,485 including living.  Some Somerset additions.  Mostly hunting for a family that emigrated from England before the 1851 UK census and arrived in the USA after the 1850 census, so are missed out for that decade.

7 June 2024:- Total 49,476 including living.  Added sources for existing people.  Made several connections to Michigan in the system, more to come.

6 June 2024:- Total 49,472 including living.  More added from Somerset, trying to rationalise the families so I can be sure of the transit to Michigan.  A good merge and one 'confusable' will be resolved by a second marriage.  These always make things a little tricksy.

5 June 2024:- Total 49,467 including living.  Had throat surgery today but managed a few more Somerset records and connections.  I think I have a link from Frome to Michigan in the USA. More tomorrow.

4 June 2024:- Total 49,452 including living.  Found some old pre-1998 entries in Frome and tidied some up.  Got rid of some of those old useless Ancestry sources that said nothing except Ancestry or Ancestry One Tree.  Will follow the family back out again tomorrow to some censuses.

3 June 2024:- Total 49,447 including living.  Followed Frederick's family back to Frome in Somerset and made a merge, so good work.  Mostly adding sources to existing people and refurbishing some old sources.  Gardening today as well as my pond is leaking!

2 June 2024:- Total 49,444 including living.   Sunday Single Back Up.  More sources for existing people and a start on following back a probate entry on Frederick James Dowling… he seems to travel around the UK a bit! 

1 June 2024:- Total 49,438 including living.   Monthly Double Back Up.  More sources for existing people.  Came to a halt with the Dublin Dowling in Warwickshire.  I think an 1851 census refers to William H as a brother of George S but there is 10 years difference on the ages with the William Henry I am following.  I just feel I need more corroboration.

31 May 2024:- Total 49,433 including living.  More sources from Warwickshire and the family goes back to Dublin... much more to do.