2024 May

31 May 2024:- Total 49,433 including living.  More sources from Warwickshire and the family goes back to Dublin... much more to do. 

30 May 2024:- Total 49,418 including living.  More sources from Warwickshire... not bad as I was also dragged out shopping too!

29 May 2024:- Total 49,400 including living.  Some Dowlings added from Warwickshire, following a probate entry backwards.  Busy gardening today.

28 May 2024:- Total 49,393 including living.  More Hampshire Dowlings and one with a link to the name Kerchington, the name of an Australian  correspondent.  Kerchington is not a common name and I was surprised to find it linked again but I couldn't joint the two families!

27 May 2024:- Total 49,378 including living.  Followed back another probate death and added another Hampshire family.  Still working on it but I think this won't connect to an existing one.

26 May 2024:- Total 49,349 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up.  Merged the Hampshire family into an existing one... that's a good thing for the database in reducing the duplicates with evidence, and very satisfying.  Website still down.

25 May 2024:- Total 49,347 including living.  Some Hampshire Dowlings added, expect to connect these to existing families tomorrow.

24 May 2024:- Total 49,339 including living.  Connected a probate death to an existing family, so a nice merge for Greasborough in Yorkshire.

23 May 2024:- Total 49,334 including living.  Followed a probate entry to India and back again.  Took a while to find the sources and, of course, not finding! 

22 May 2024:- Total 49,315 including living.  Portsmouth family for several generations added.  Challenging family for a Royal Artillery Sergeant with 4 sons born blind.

21 May 2024:- Total 49,295 including living.  Lots of census entries from South Carolina.  Added a newspaper clipping of Kay Dowling in 1968 and tracked her family back from Kent to Staffordshire.

20 May 2024:- Total 49,247 including living.  A US merge on Dooleys today that removed 11 people that were duplicates.  A good change but I should have spotted it before... also rationalised e-mail and posting sources that were from 1999.

19 May 2024:- Total 49,254 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up.  Added some people on the conjecture of the source of the Dowling Family of The South.  A lot of time looking and not finding, heigh-ho. Website still down.

18 May 2024:- Total 49,246 including living.  Added some census sources for existing people.  Some looking for records and not finding with a lot of walking and gardening!

17 May 2024:- Total 49,246 including living.  Following on from correspondence relating to a very old 2006 entry in the Study on Downings.  Reviewed the branch framework; they were entered to stop me getting confused with a name that appeared to be a variant but became a rabbit hole.  Not really of any help to the correspondent.

16 May 2024:- Total 49,233 including living.  Some Missouri census today added while following the Roscommon trail there.

15 May 2024:- Total 49,210 including living.  Added some Roscommon records, now all births and marriages 1864 to 1871. Finally, decided that WordPress is a non-starter, I cannot work out why its so ubiquitous with hosting companies. 

14 May 2024:- Total 49,202 including living.  Added some Roscommon records, now all births and marriages 1864 to 1870.  I have left most of the deaths as images are not available.

13 May 2024:- Total 49,190 including living.  Added some Roscommon records.

12 May 2024:- Total 49,175. Sunday Single Back Up.  Roscommon census work.

11 May 2024:- Total 49,159 including living.  WordPress is looking poor overall, many of the genealogy plugins won't allow large files.  Added some Roscommon records. 

10 May 2024:- Total 49,156 including living.  Examining alternatives.  Looking at WordPress and plug-ins.  Already WordPress looks very awkward to customise themes (you have to start with their own themes) and it seem if I want to change several things, I cannot find one theme that lets me without going under the hood... I'll look at the genealogy plugins to see if its worth the learning curve.

9 May 2024:- Total 49,156 including living.  An e-mail in from someone who noticed the site page closing down.  He's disappointed but I sent him a pdf book on his branch.  His family were from Roscommon and the branch needs a review. 

8 May 2024:- Total 49,150 including living.  Made some searches and enquiries about an alternative to GedSite but they are few and far between.  Added some census entries to get myself out of this negative spin.

7 May 2024:- Total 49,146 including living.  Still reeling from stopping GedSite... quite depressing.  30 years of running a website just ended.

6 May 2024:- Total 49,146 including living.  Fed-back the negative comments on a beta version to the program producer and he got upset.  The beta did use up a lot of my time and the interface colour changes were worse but nothing was wrong with how it looked before.  I don't want to upset people so I have stopped using GedSite so I don't do it inadvertently again, the website is now defunct.  I might try to maintain a log/blog as it motivates me to do some genealogy every day.

5 May 2024:- Total 49,146 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up.  Messing around with this beta version and not doing genealogy.  Hmm, I regret this already.  It added interface colour changes but nothing was wrong with how it looked before.  Oh well, that's progress.

4 May 2024:- Total 49,146 including living.  Messing around with this beta version and not doing genealogy. 

3 May 2024:- Total 49,146 including living.  Messing around with this beta version and not doing genealogy. 

2 May 2024:- Total 49,146 including living.  A rather good join, if I say so myself, with the Massachusetts Thomas and the family in Ireland and England.  Took some time with lots of sources added.  Also spent time setting up a new Beta version of the program that helps make the web pages for the site - GedSite.

1 May 2024:- Total 49,139 including living.  Monthly Double Back Up.  Added some hard-earned entries in England and Ireland in a hunt for Thomas G Dowling who went to America.

30 April 2024:- Total 49,130 including living.  Some more on this Massachusetts seaman from Ireland.  I think I have him and family from 1881 to 1950 but cannot quite find his baptism.