2024 March

31 March 2024:- Total 48,784 including living. Sunday Single Back Up. One Wokingham puzzle still outstanding... where did David Dowling disappear to.  My guess is Canada, with a similar aged David, but cannot find the information to tie them together.

30 March 2024:- Total 48,771 including living. Resolved some of a puzzle for Wokingham Dowlings that had been there since 1999... I found him under a very different spelling in that David Dowling was indexed as Daniel Darling.  I am better at this now than I was in 1999!  Mostly gardening today, the sun was out, the sky was blue, it was beautiful, as the Beatles say, so I mowed the lawn.

29 March 2024:- Total 48,766 including living. Some US 1890 census entries... all of them for Dowlings and variants.  A UK Census entry to fix a dodgy date.

28 March 2024:- Total 48,741 including living. Added some Ontario marriages relating to the name Phypers to establish some documentary evidence of the mother being a Dowling.  Checked an old Ancestry World Tree reference for a Dowling Family of the South with clearly incorrect dates.

27 March 2024:- Total 48,731 including living. Back to Ontario, Canada to shed light on an Irish connection.

26 March 2024:- Total 48,728 including living. Mostly basic frameworks from Georgia for checking and adding sources to.

25 March 2024:- Total 48,612 including living. Busy with reading Green Belt documentation today.  Added a few quick Find a Grave entries.

24 March 2024:- Total 48,537 including living.  Sunday Single Backup.  More looking and not finding and, as yesterday, finished the day with Find a Grave entries... these are a bit like 'low hanging fruit', if they have a stone attached they are a great resource for frameworks and are easily input.

23 March 2024:- Total 48,482 including living.  Lots of looking and not finding.  Wasted some time reinstalling some software that had been corrupted by a Windows update.  So had a break to add some more Find a Grave entries. 

22 March 2024:- Total 48,449 including living.  Mostly some Find a Grave entries for elimination purposes.  Some sources for existing people.

21 March 2024:- Total 48,418 including living. Hunting for one fact to cure an error repot and can't find it.  Added many census returns to existing people in the process.  Hope to get back to the Ann Dowling / Doody correspondence tomorrow.

20 March 2024:- Total 48,400 including living. Had a cancelled surgery at hospital today so did more people born more than 9 months after their fathers died.  As before these errors are not typos but original data errors where the dates available have been entered despite the apparent contradiction... then I just added it in as per the original information (mostly Ancestry.com trees) and moved on.  So, good to revisit them but, to be fair on myself, its a very small number out of over 48,000 people.

19 March 2024:- Total 48,393 including living.  Spent most of the day at a council hearing to try to stop building on Green Belt land... it seems all of the land that could be used for housing is being withheld for better profits so our green spaces are under attack.  Did one fix of a person born more than 9 months after their father died.

18 March 2024:- Total 48,393 including living.  Busy with Green Belt stuff today (and all day tomorrow).  Managed to add the last few UK births for 1837.  Added some census entries relating to new correspondence for an Ann Dowling's family.  I see some 'trees' with her coming from Monasterevin but cannot see documented how they come to that conclusion in any sources.

17 March 2024:- Total 48,365 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up. Struggling a bit today to review some documents relating to applications to destroy local Green Belt land nearby.  Add a few birth index references as a diversion.

16 March 2024:- Total 48,349 including living.  Added some Somerset baptisms to existing people today.  I am working on a large family at the moment and inclined to delete some of the people from old Ancestry.com World Tree sources (although actually with no specific sources at all). Excellent to be able to revisit those old entries from about 2000! 

15 March 2024:- Total 48,343 including living.  I finished the FT-Analyser list of errors for people born after mother's death.  Although, I would never claim perfection, I was pleased that They were due to original sources showing contradictory data.  I have 'fixed' them in different way often with the original error fact as an 'unpreferred fact' and either new information added or a clear note.  Good exercise.  Started on the people born more than 9 months after father's death... same sort of issues.  Anyway added some people in the process in Somerset.  There are two Ancestry trees claiming the same facts for different people in Somerset. 

14 March 2024:- Total 48,331 including living.  Busy in London today but added one person while trying to fix and issue where old unsourced data is contradictory.  This is another user-supplied set of dates where people have children after they have died.  I had just entered them 'as supplied' but, of course, at least one date is incorrect and the contradictions need regular investigation to check if new information has become available.  I might have to add more 'notes' and show people as 'Deceased' in those situations rather than a suspect date.

13 March 2024:- Total 48,330 including living.  Some people added trying to fix errors... such as headstones showing a birth after the mother's death.  People added from Florida and Georgia.  Births after mother's deaths still being worked on.

12 March 2024:- Total 48,315 including living. Mostly sources for existing people today... US and Ireland.  But mostly out shopping... my least favourite activity. Births after mother's deaths being worked on.

11 March 2024:- Total 48,309 including living. Mostly sources for existing people today... US and Ireland.  Births after father aged 90+ fixed. Births after mother aged 60+ fixed.

10 March 2024:- Total 48,308 including living. Sunday Single Back Up. More Dowlings from Ohio following some Find a Grave connections.  Births after death/burial fixed.

9 March 2024:- Total 48,289 including living. More Kildare Births, marriages & deaths, some error fixing and a merge.  Births after baptisms fixed.  Busy day.

8 March 2024:- Total 48,258 including living. More Kildare people.  Looks like I a following on of those families that disappears as I go backwards.  Probably because they move region leaving no connecting trail.

7 March 2024:- Total 48,235 including living. Some Kildare work with various sources, some looking and not finding.  Some miscellaneous housekeeping database fixes on birth dates entered decades ago... one check revealed a correspondent had missed out a whole generation... good catch!

6 March 2024:- Total 48,227 including living. Kildare baptisms for the Ohio line... Difficult to find Dowling/Collins marriage... but working on it!

5 March 2024:- Total 48,214 including living.  Very busy day off visiting the town of Hitchin, Hertfordshire only to return to a small (6 foot ish) sinkhole on my front drive! Added some Ohio censuses and some Kildare births.

4 March 2024:- Total 48,196 including living.  Busy day with other stuff but added a framework to an existing 1950 census entry from yesterday, in line with a new piece of correspondence.

3 March 2024:- Total 48,168 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up.  Mostly 1050 censuses for Mary's in Cleveland, Ohio today.  Added a Branch entry for the Hitler connection that always attracts attention.  It would be good to get the Person Page to do this directly but it doesn't.  Some error spotting with FTAnalyzer.

2 March 2024:- Total 48,138 including living.  A number of odd 'GEDCOM' file fixes you hopefully won't notice but the FTAnalyzer did.  More to do.  Added so some sources on a new Shoreditch, London family.

1 March 2024:- Total 48,124 including living.  Monthly Double Back Up.  Mostly tidying some paperwork today... it really needs more time spent on this maintenance than I spend.  Anyway filed more postcards, including lots of churches for illustrating some trees.  Downloaded two new programs, Ultraforge (to make original images) and FTAnlayzer (to check my family tree files for possible errors - always good to have checks).

29 February 2024:- Total 48,123 including living.  More on the Brighton, East Sussex, ginger beer makers.