2024 February

29 February 2024:- Total 48,123 including living.  More on the Brighton, East Sussex, ginger beer makers.

28 February 2024:- Total 48,107 including living.  Started with UK Probate list from yesterday but it had other Dowlings on it so I captured them too and that led to 36 more people and one long family from East Sussex.

27 February 2024:- Total 48,071 including living.  Mostly sources for existing people, some source refurbishment and a new family in east London while in the process of elimination.  I found you can ask the AI on search engines to "create an image of a stone mason in the 19th century"... and it does very well, how cool is that!?

26 February 2024:- Total 48,065 including living.  Some Phillimore's marriages from England (which required a new ORA (Online Repository Assistant) template), and some sources for existing people.

25 February 2024:- Total 48,042 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up.  Some Armed Forces marriages added but mostly refurbishing some old sources and one important clarification on one family where there was a second marriage.

24 February 2024:- Total 48,031 including living.  Mostly sources for existing people covering that England/Colorado/Oregon and now Pennsylvania family.  Also added a 'Branch' for them.

23 February 2024:- Total 48,024 including living.  More on the English side of that Colorado/Oregon family.  Whether in England or the US they all seemed to move around an awful lot!

22 February 2024:- Total 48,011 including living.  I don't often pat myself on the back but today was a great day, as I joined one English family with the Oregon family (that of famous artist Colista Dowling), not apparently linked by anyone else and a really tricky mass of sources to get to the connections.  I would have chocolate but am on a diet!

21 February 2024:- Total 48,008 including living.  Some censuses for existing people and some source refurbishment in California and Oregon.

20 February 2024:- Total 47,988 including living.  Some baptisms in Ballybunion, Kerry but concentrating on a source refurbishment in the USA.  They were old Ancestry ones and devoid of sufficient detail... but also found some errors in censuses that pose an interesting identity issue.  A nice mystery to get my teeth into.

19 February 2024:- Total 47,969 including living.  A good correction in Erie, Pennsylvania... I do like corrections as they open up accuracy for other branches.  A few marriages in Listowel.

18 February 2024:- Total 47,960 including living.  Sunday Single Back Up.  Added 4 marriages from Listowel, Kerry.  Busy with current family stuff! 

17 February 2024:- Total 47,944 including living.  Added 6 marriages from Listowel, Kerry and that meant 30 new people in the Study.

16 February 2024:- Total 47,914 including living.  Added lots of marriages from Kerry, all of the pre-registration church marriages and a few registration ones.

15 February 2024:- Total 47,884 including living.  More searching and not finding but spent a good while renovating some old New Jersey sources and adding new ones to existing people.

14 February 2024:- Total 47,884 including living.  Some searching and not finding, but mostly celebrating Valentine's Day.

13 February 2024:- Total 47,884 including living.  Trying to sort out a source issue to connect Dowlings between New Jersey and Maryland.

12 February 2024:- Total 47,868 including living.  Some Pennsylvania censuses and a lot of looking in Kerry without finding a suitable candidate.  Added some Ballybunion early baptisms.  Had some no genealogy work to do on attempts to build on Green Belt land where I live... it seems like you have to fight ALL of the time.

11 February 2024:- Total 47,851 including living. Sunday Single Back Up. Added sources to existing people, mostly Find a Grave entries, all of which were separated... mots times someone has joined the children to parents.  Added some Timeline entries and a census entry.  Added another Branch entry for this Kerry to Pennsylvania family.  Fixed a technical code error.

10 February 2024:- Total 47,848 including living. A lot of looking and not finding as well as non-genealogy things to do.  Added three good sources to existing people in Kerry.

9 February 2024:- Total 47,847 including living. A significant family added, with help from correspondence, Kerry to Erie in Pennsylvania.  These are now Dolans but very much appear to have come from Dowlings.  Despite name changes they were very easy to pick up in all the censuses, 1950 back to 1870.  Starting up being a 'Beta' tester for GedSite, hopefully it will help sort out some new developments.

8 February 2024:- Total 47,831 including living. Some marriages added from Kerry.  Some work on the software to show the profile image on the person pages.

7 February 2024:- Total 47,817 including living.  Mostly sources for existing people today.  Some messing about under the bonnet of the software.

6 February 2024:- Total 47,813 including living.  Found some important deaths relating to the current correspondence and, at the same time, another death on one of the sheets that also needed to be logged and followed up a little for elimination purposes. 

The software program I use to make the website has problems with showing the primary image on the website person pages so I have removed those... shame as I thought it improved the look.  The program has, for some time also, had issues with showing 'Lists' by location so I have removed that facility too... I am on the lookout for another GEDCOM to Website conversion program, ideas welcome.  Please don't suggest The Next Generation (TNG) as that showed private information online when I last tried it, and the operator never came back to me on the issue.

5 February 2024:- Total 47,802 including living.  Added some Dowlings who lived next door in Dublin to the family I am looking at for a correspondent.  It seems this may be coincidental as they appear unrelated directly, nevertheless they are added to the Study.  The correspondent sent me two lovely photos of Julia Dowling, I have added them to the Study, she is dressed well in both and they show well the fashion for the time.

4 February 2024:- Total 47,798 including living. Sunday Single Back Up.  A Dublin marriage added and a graphic of a church I re-constructed from different photos as they show too many modern distractions since the church was turned into a theatre.  Looking for some people and not finding them... it happens a lot!

3 February 2024:- Total 47,793 including living. Some additional Dublin sources for existing people for the correspondence and a quick merge (I had entered some people as separate last night but confirmed them as identical today so, while I added a few new people, overall the numbers went down by 4).

2 February 2024:- Total 47,794 including living. Finished Argentina baptisms for 'Dowling' but still need to check the variations before complete.  New correspondence on a Dublin family... added a census but will do more over the week.

1 February 2024:- Total 47,780 including living. Monthly Double Back Up.  That seemed to take most of the day... the backups are getting bigger.

31 January 2024:- Total 47,778 including living. Some more Argentina baptisms added. Spent quite a bit of time fathoming out the Spanish on the baptisms... clearly the Family Search transcriber gave up but I have persisted successfully on most.