2024 January


31 January 2024:- Total 47,778 including living. Some more Argentina baptisms added. Spent quite a bit of time fathoming out the Spanish on the baptisms... clearly the Family Search transcriber gave up but I have persisted successfully on most.


30 January 2024:- Total 47,764 including living. Some more Argentina baptisms added. One family seems similar to another but I am just not getting the key fact to merge them together as one.  Bad news today that I have to have an eye operation to unblock tear ducts... more evidence of old age, as if I needed it!

29 January 2024:- Total 47,756 including living. Some Argentina baptisms added.  Tweaked some Argentine locations... I don't know Argentina well enough and some church names are being translated as towns.

28 January 2024:- Total 47,744 including living. Sunday Single Back Up. No new additions but worked on an Online Repository Assistant template for Argentinian baptisms to make my entries more consistent... Family Search seems a pain in the neck as it changes something with records that appear to come from the same source. 

27 January 2024:- Total 47,744 including living. All the Argentina census entries I can find for 1869 and 1855 have been added for Dowlings and variations.  They are very sparse on the ground in 1855 for sure.

26 January 2024:- Total 47,732 including living. All the 1895 Argentina census entries available for Dowlings and variants have been added,  I have made a start on the 1869, not many but probably all will be n the Study by tomorrow.

25 January 2024:- Total 47,716 including living. More 1895 census entries from Argentina... New people as well as extra entries for existing ones.  A good picture emerging of Argentinian distribution of Dowlings.

24 January 2024:- Total 47,697 including living. Created a data capture template for the Online Repository Assistant, which took some time, and then captured a good few Argentina 1895 census records... more tomorrow.

23 January 2024:- Total 47,686 including living. Managed to add Kerry back to the Lists/Places set... there is a software update due soon to the program that helps convert my database to the website, hopefully that will allow me to re-liven all the Place pages.  Added some more Kerry records trying to nail down the family that ended up in Argentina.

22 January 2024:- Total 47,667 including living. More Argentina marriages... some a bit tricky, I spent ages just trying to interpret a Spanish date.  A successful day as I tracked one of these couples back to County Kerry... I see that as a major catch for the future of Argentina research.  Still unwell and not fit to exercise... maybe tomorrow.

21 January 2024:- Total 47,633 including living. Sunday Single Backup.  Added some Argentina marriages and Kerry items.  Been unwell, so spent most time in bed shivering!

19 January 2024:- Total 47,615 including living. A few additions but today mostly looking and not finding.  Looking around at programs that convert GedCom to web sites to see if I can get a fix to the Lists issue I have for Places.

18 January 2024:- Total 47,611 including living. Added some Argentinian marriages.  This takes me a while as it means working with Family Search the Latter Day Saints site.  While the site is very comprehensive and excellently free, is it me or it the worst interface of all search sites?  I may be criticising the Emperor's New Clothes here but, for me, it is the last resort for searching.  I spent some time working on a new ORA (Online Repository Assistant) template for the records only to find the inconsistent records require a considerably new template for each set of marriages (I expect some changes but this amount takes a lot of time).

17 January 2024:- Total 47,608 including living. Some more sources for this Longford to Argentina branch.  Found some Argentinian church records... they will take a little longer to transcribe.

16 January 2024:- Total 47,601 including living. Some more sources for this Longford to Argentina branch.  Merged two Timothy Dowlings… not finished by any stretch of the imagination as the family has moved about a good bit and it take some sorting.  Very interesting test of my experience.

15 January 2024:- Total 47,593 including living. More sources for Longford family, getting a good picture now.  I am not sure of some of the original connections and I have split one child away from the Timothy Dowling family and may do more.

14 January 2024:- Total 47,587 including living. Sunday Single Backup.  New correspondence in relating to existing Longford family, and there aren't many of those.  This branch have been in the Study since the 90's but I lost contact with the original correspondent.  Anyway the new correspondent is reopening the case and I have already added some sources to existing people and expect a merge soon.

13 January 2024:- Total 47,586 including living. Mostly with Find a Grave putting in framework for Florida family. Lots of pictures.

12 January 2024:- Total 47,538 including living. Some more Suncroft marriages, mostly added to existing parents from the baptisms.  Now the Kildare, Suncroft parish marriage Dowlings and variants are completely into the One-Name Study so, added to the baptisms, that's the parish done.  A good achievement if I say so myself.  I also added a couple of civil marriages and deaths to sort out some queries.  There appears to be no Suncroft parish burials... as yet. 

11 January 2024:- Total 47,531 including living. Some more Suncroft marriages.  Kansas censuses and a couple of anomalies fixed for old data. A book entry for James Patrick Dowling who died in an air crash on a de Havilland Otter aircraft in Canada... my son showed me the book and he works at de Havilland Museum.  I decided to show him as notable as the view is his death (of four) gave attention to the plane's fault and therefore helped to fix it.

10 January 2024:- Total 47,521 including living. Some more Suncroft marriages.  Some time altering my ORA template (Online Repository Assistant for parish marriages) to add 'Associates' as a new Fact/Tag.

9 January 2024:- Total 47,513 including living. Some more Suncroft marriages.  Up to the 1830s.

8 January 2024:- Total 47,487 including living. Some Suncroft marriages... from the beginning. 

7 January 2024:- Total 47,480 including living. More Suncroft baptisms and now ALL are in the One-Name Study.  That's a good chunk of work.  I managed to pick up baptisms to Dowling mothers too.

6 January 2024:- Total 47,464 including living. More Suncroft baptisms with, apparently five left to go, then its all Dowlings and variants from that parish!

3 January 2024:- Total 47,434 including living. More Suncroft baptisms and busy with non genealogy stuff with more pressing non-tree matters tomorrow, so may skip a genealogy day.

2 January 2024:- Total 47,412 including living. More Suncroft baptisms and busy with non genealogy stuff.

1 January 2024:- Total 47,386 including living. Monthly Double Back Up.  More Suncroft baptisms.

31 December 2023:- Total 47,378 including living. Sunday Single Back Up. More Suncroft Kildare baptisms and partying for New Years... well in a mild way!  A new Carr/Dowling baptism found in a very poorly scanned area, I made out all by the first name and date.  Received a £1 CD from a charity shop of the 1927 Show Boat musical - utter bliss.