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Top Ten Given Names with Dowling

As counted from birth registrations in Ireland from 1866 (start) to 1869 and 1870 to 1879.

Boys 1860's 1870's
1 John John
2 Patrick Patrick
3 Michael James
4 James Michael
5 Thomas Thomas
6 William William
7 (male) Edward
8 Joseph (male)
9 Edward Joseph
10 Richard Richard



Girls 1860's 1870's
1 Mary Mary
2 Bridget Margaret
3 Catherine Bridget
4 Margaret Catherine
5 Ellen Ellen
6 Ann Anne
7 (female) Maty Anne
8 Eliza Elizabeth
9 Mary Anne Johanna
10 Johanna Eliza

 The names shown (male) and (female) refer to entries where, in all probability, the infant died at birth.  It is significant that they are numerous enough to get in the top-ten and that the position is similar in either gender.  Although some may be early registrations where an name has simply just not been chosen, if it is an indicator of mortality boys are a little more likely to die at birth.  A traditional naming system was in existence which, although not rigidly mandatory, would have meant that a child could be named by the system with relative ease.