Situations Vacant

I am open for anyone, who wishes to work on the Dowling One-Name Study to get involved. I am not getting any younger and the Study Legacy plan with the Guild of One-Name Studies could kick-in at any time. I will give more thought as to how it could work technically when there is someone interested.


  • you would be a Dowling or variant;
  • be interested in your own family tree but prepared to work on other people's;
  • have free time to commit to the Study;
  • have computer skills;

You could be based anywhere in the world but it would be interesting to have regional collaborators, for example, in the Ireland, England, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, etc.

If there were several collaborators we could each take Transcription Project responsibility over one specific Source data set at a time.

Anyway, if some of this looks like something you could do, get in touch.  - Brian