PLEASE READ: These are DNA related lists of people connected by Y-DNA.  They are an exploratory way of presenting the information. In my FamilyTreeDNA Y-DNA results there are a number of 'matches' and this is an attempt to visualise their distance from each other and how the families link to each other.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: The haplogroup assignment relates ONLY to the test-taker and this presentation assumes (knowingly inaccurately) that the haplogroup follows the test-taker's male line.  So, this takes no account of 'Mis-attributed Parental Events' (these can range from adoptions, name-changes and, a technical expression, shenanigans).  It may later transpire that a person shown connected in documentary records, one or more generations back from the test-taker, will in fact NOT be of that haplogroup.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Haplogroups, which appear further back in these trees, DO NOT represent people but one or more generations of people with the haplogroup mutation.

Note 3: I have chosen to add only those where the 'match' indicates a less than 10 generation connection. 

Note 4: "Haplogroup-PLACEHOLDER" are gap-fillers where future new sets of results may link and are also used to group several haplogroups where no one is currently attributed that haplogroup.

Note 5: The test-taker may not show on the website because they nay still be living.