Dowling Distribution in the United States of America in 1901

Numbers are taken from the 1900 census (to match as close as possible the available Irish census of 1901). I have shown figures of one Dowling per thousand of population as this better shows distrubution. Raw numbers contain no context of the remaining population and, consequently, show a bias to where Dowlings are rather then where they figure most strongly. This translates into more Dowling's numerically in New York but gives no clue as to origin. In this USA context I see point of origin as point of arrival and major settlement. The Dowling per thousand approach shows the bias towards the ports, in particular, New York the main staging point into the United States. The Connecticut bias was no surprise with the records I have of there aready but the big surprise, for me, is the large number of Dowling's in Florida... a mystery to investigate. (Note: this does not include variations on the name)

Distribution of Dowlings per Thousand of Population Across United States in 1900 from Census
The chart uses data transferred from the Find My Past 1901 census search and entered by hand into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. After some simple formulas this was then charted automatically in a map. The charting application is good at working out the US states.

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