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This sub-section of the Dowling site is almost just for fun. It is based on a book called

Irish Pedigrees or The Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

published in 1892 by James Duffy Co. Ltd. This book is probably available to read on a special order from your local library. The part is based on genealogies taken from the Bible so they are as accurate as you believe them to be.

Some of his other links are, I believe, suspect but I have not found a document correcting them and the existence of the individuals is supported from ancient documents. But when people live more than 100 years in ancient times I think that is an excuse to fill the gap in years where generations have been forgotten.

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Brian Thomas Dowling (1955 - )

Illustration of "the four masters" by B. H. Holbrooke, 1846

Four Masters

The Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland (Irish: Annála Ríoghachta Éireann) or the Annals of the Four Masters (Annála na gCeithre Máistrí) are chronicles of medieval Irish history. The entries span from the Deluge, dated as 2,242 years after creation to AD 1616.

Click HERE for more on the Annals of the Four Masters.

A sketch of John O'Hart first published in Irish pedigrees; or, The origin and stem of the Irish nation (1892), by John O'Hart, - Volume: 1.

John O'Hart

John O'Hart (1824–1902) was an Irish genealogist. He was born in Crossmolina, County Mayo, Ireland.

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